SharePoint 2010 crawl Lotus Notes content without Lotus Notes connector

SharePoint can crawl the content as web site if the Lotous Notes content is available as web content.

Recently, we helped a customer to setup the search crawler for their SharePoint 2010. At the moment, the customer integrated other search engine with their intranet and they are moving forward to SharePoint 2010.

Some contents comes from Lotus Notes application and the current search engine crawls the content via web pages listing all contents need to be crawled. In the pharse one, we simply converts crawl into SharePoint 2010 search. In the phase two, Lotus Notes connector will be implemented with details.

Here is how it works.

1. Create html pages that contains url links you need to be crawled.

2. Create the content sources in the Search Service Application

3. Create Crawl Rules for each page in content sources

4. Create Crawl Rule to include items

5. Start full crawl

In the next post, I will continue with the Lotus Notes connector configuration.

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