• Architecture design

  • Migration and testing

  • Enterprise search solutions

  • Integration with business applications

  • Appraisal of your current situation

  • Guidance on steps needed to fix issues

  • Practical steps that give immediate results

  • Long term plan for continued operation

  • SharePoint Solutions

  • SharePoint Setup

  • SharePoint Recovery

  • SharePoint Training
  • SharePoint Solutions

    Complete solutions to real business issues. From online document management to powerful business systems

    SharePoint Setup

    Full implementation support, from discovery to implementation through business workshops, planning design, testing and implementation.

    SharePoint Recovery

    SharePoint not working as it should? We will quickly identify the issue and work with you to identify the root cause and resolve quickly.

    SharePoint Training

    From one-to-one to full classroom lessons. We will tailor a training solution for you. We can run webinars and record video lessons for you to revise

    • Complete solutions to real business issues

    SharePoint Solutions

    • SharePoint enterprise architecture design, planning and implementation
    • Large SharePoint farms
    • SharePoint farm migration and testing
    • Content migration
    • Enterprise search solutions
    • Intranet portals and public-facing Internet sites
    • SharePoint integration with business applications (HP Trim, CRM and others applications)
    • Custom SharePoint solutions and SharePoint standards and governance

    SharePoint Setup

    SharePoint installation, configuration and management

    • SharePoint Starter – expert guidance to get you started with SharePoint
    • SharePoint Accelerate – get SharePoint running quickly
    • SharePoint Migration – update from SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013
    • SharePoint Training – take control of your SharePoint site with our focused training.

    Full implementation support

    Get your SharePoint working with practical guidance and advice

    SharePoint Recovery

    We’ll get your SharePoint working by

    • Thorough appraisal of your current situation
    • Clear guidance on steps needed to fix SharePoint
    • Practical steps that give immediate results
    • Long term plan for continued operation and growth

    SharePoint Training

    SharePoint is extremely versatile if you know what you’re doing. We offer SharePoint training to suit your business needs.

    • One-on-one personalised training
    • Remote training via screen share
    • Webinars and seminars
    • Site visitor training
    • Site member training
    • Site owner training
    • IT Administrator training

    We offer on-site, off-site and remote training